The Parish Book of Chant

Chants by Book Number

Requiem Mass, Communions, 155-177

Each title is linked to a PDF copy of the chant, many with English translation.

The chants were performed by the ensemble Viri Galilaei, directed by David Hughes.

155  Requiem Responsory Subvenite

156  Requiem Introit

157  Requiem Kyrie

158  Requiem Gradual

159  Requiem Tract Absolve

160  Requiem Sequence Dies Irae

161  Requiem Offertory Domine Jesu Christe

161a  Requiem Sanctus

162  Requiem Agnus Dei

163  Requiem Communio Lux Aeterna

163a  Requiem Requiescat

164  Requiem Responsory Libera me

165  Requiem Kyrie (after responsory)

166  Requiem Commendation In paradisum 

167  Requiem Commendation Chorus Angelorum

168  Funeral Benedictus

169  Funeral Antiphon Si iniquitates

170  Funeral Antiphon Exsultabunt

Common Communion Chants

For a complete set of Communion chants, see CMAA’s project: Communio.

171  Communio Ego sum vitis vera

172  Communio Gustate et videte

173  Communio Hoc corpus

174  Communio Manducaverunt

175  Communio Panem de caelo

176  Communio Panis quem ego dedero

177  Communio Qui manducat