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Join us in making Sacred music of the ages heard again in parishes of every tradition, carried in our hearts, and passed on to the next generation: a “treasure of inestimable value.”

All music directors, choristers, organists, clergy, scholars, schools, parishes, libraries, and sacred music enthusiasts are encouraged to join.


When you become a member of the Church Music Association, you become part of a large and growing community of musicians and supporters interested in high musical ideals in Catholic liturgy.  Your membership gives you:


  • Exclusive Early access to Sacred Music, an acclaimed journal exclusive to CMAA members
  • Access to the members-only portal
  • Video recordings from CMAA’s on-line events

  • Discounted pricing for events
  • Exclusive sacred music content
  • Members-only Virtual Q&As and other online events
  • Lifelong friends and connections
  • Much more!

An Exceptional Value

Individual Memberships

$72/year (U.S. & Canada) | $80/year (Other countries)

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$360/year (U.S. & Canada) | $400/year (Other countries)