The Parish Book of Chant

Chants by Page Number

Ad libitum, Sequences, 123-151

Each title is linked to a PDF copy of the chant, many with English translation.

The chants were performed by the ensemble Viri Galilaei, directed by David Hughes.


124  Kyrie I, Clemens Rector

125  Kyrie II, Summe Deus

126  Kyrie III, Rector cosmi pie

127  Kyrie IV, Kyrie altissime

128  Kyrie V, Conditor Kyrie omnium

129  Kyrie VI, Te Christe Rex supplices

130  Kyrie VII, Splendor aeterne

131  Kyrie VIII, Firmator sancte

132  Kyrie IX, O Pater excelse

133  Kyrie X, [Orbis factor, alt.]

134  Kyrie XI, [Kyrie salve]


123  Ambrosian Gloria

135  Gloria I ad libitum

136   Gloria II ad libitum

137  Gloria III ad libitum

138  Sanctus I ad libitum

139  Sanctus II ad libitum

140 Sanctus III ad libitum

141 Agnus Dei I ad libitum

142  Agnus Dei II ad libitum

143  Pater Noster B ad libitum

144  Pater Noster C ad libitum

145  Asperges me ad libitum II 


Simple Alleluias

146  Alleluia, mode VI

147  Alleluia, mode II (O Filii et Filiae)

148  Alleluia, mode VIII


Melismatic Alleluias

149  Melismatic Alleluia, mode II

150  Alleluia, mode IV 

151  Melismatic Alleluia, mode VIII


152  Victimae paschali laudes 📋


153  Veni Sancte Spiritus 📋

154  Lauda Sion 📋


160  Dies Irae 📋

242  Stabat Mater 📋