Parish Book of Motets

The Parish Book of Chant

The Parish Book of Chant is the most used resource for Catholic scholas and parishes across America to build a practical repertoire of sacred and Gregorian chant. The book contains hundreds of essential chants for use throughout the liturgical year.

  • New audio recordings (coming soon!)

  • 270+ chants in English and Latin

  • Full Kyriale with All 18 Gregorian Masses

  • Seasonal, Eucharistic, and Marian chants

  • Easily accessible PDFs for learning and sharing


“From leading my adult choir to nurturing the voices of our children, the Parish Book of Chant is more than just a collection of chants. It’s a cherished companion, illuminating the path to our rich musical heritage and fostering a profound connection to the power of sacred music.”

Bridget Scott, Founder of the Southeastern Sacred Music Workshop

The Parish Book of Chant is the unique solution for choirs, priests, families, and parishes who seek to sing and understand the universal musical tradition of Catholic people.

This 6×9″ hardbound volume, with a very beautiful cover and outstanding print quality, contains 350 pages and has been developed with the aim of bringing to life, in every parish and home, what the Second Vatican Council referred to as a “treasure of inestimable value” – our Gregorian tradition of song.

Catholic parishes, especially those with beginning choirs or small budgets, can look to The Parish Book of Chant for a repertoire of good-quality, accessible music, in accurate and clear printed editions with helpful commentary, and powerful practice tracks.

All the chants have been typeset for The Parish Book of Chant by Richard Rice to provide clear and accurate scores that are easy to read.

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Practice Tracks

Each of the chants were professionally performed by the ensemble Viri Galilaei, directed by David Hughes.

The recordings were made at Sacred Heart Oratory in Georgetown, CT. The oratory generously allowed the group to use the church for the recordings throughout the project.

The CMAA offers grateful thanks to the oratory and the rector, Fr. Michael Clark.

Free Practice Recordings

Over 500 Minutes of Practice Music

Free Parish Book of Chant Resources

Score PDFs

Expertly typeset scores are linked individually or as a complete book in electronic form and also in print.

Search by word & number

Each chant is catalogued by chant number corresponding to the Parish Book of Chant. Search by word is offered at the top of each page.

Practice Tracks

High-quality schola rehearsal recordings are available for ease of use. The recordings are also freely downloadable.

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