The Parish Book of Chant: demonstration recordings

In the autumn of 2023, this page will present example recordings of the Gregorian chant selections in CMAA’s The Parish Book of Chant, performed by the ensemble Viri Galilaei directed by David Hughes.   Each title is linked to a PDF copy of the chant, many with English translation.




During this draft phase, all the audio players below refer to the same mp3 recording of the Pater noster

Order of the Mass

Ordinary of the Mass

Chants for the Ordinary, ad libitum


Missa pro defunctis

Communion antiphons ad libitum

Miscellaneous hymns and chants

Chants in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Seasonal chants: Advent

Seasonal chants: Christmas

Seasonal chants: Lent

Seasonal chants: Easter and afterward

Chants for the Office