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From the Colloquium to Seasonal workshops, the CMAA regularly hosts Sacred music events throughout the United States. From the Central Plains to East and West Coast, we strive to provide opportunities for all to share in the treasury of the Sacred.

Sacred Music Colloquium


Experience the Sung Liturgy with its treasure of inestimable value: Gregorian chant, Sacred polyphony, and the esteemed pipe organ.
Pray. Study. Make connections.

Chant Modes Classes

Seasonal Workshops

Summer and Winter events are a wonderful opportunity to study privately or in a specialized group. Course offerings vary and cover a wide variety of Sacred Music pedagogy.

Regional Events

Attend an event near you! Regional CMAA chapters provide a network of social outreach for church musicians. Consider Hosting an event today with our “Tips” and “Tricks.”

Sample Course Offerings

Pray with the Church

How to Read Square Notes

Forming a Chant Schola

Chant Conducting

Pipe Organ Lessons & Mechanics

History after Vatican II

Building a Music Budget

Vocal Technique and Health

Tell us your experience

The Church Music Association would love to hear about your time attending one of our events.  The future of planning and developing helpful programming is depending on you!

Church Music Association of America St. Patricks Seminary Fall Sacred Music Workshop

"The CMAA changed my life. I knew there was more to Mass than Hymns, but was unsure of the best path forward. It is one thing to read the documents, but a life-changer to see the Church's guidelines carried out so faithfully. Truly beautiful!

James: Age 42

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The CMAA is pleased to post information about your sacred music event. See the forum for more church music events. If you are thinking of organizing a workshop, here are some practical suggestions, including a link to information on how to create your own online registration form.